The Way of Mori Residences is a New Class of Condo that refines the way in designing living spaces, by rethinking the essentials in product creation and value innovation.

The sincerity of Mori is to pursue an endless effort in building quality and sustainable homeownership experience that
grows beyond the walls, beyond the time.



With Mori Residences, you will always spend less to get more.

Simply because we focus on the things that matters most to you and your family.

For You

Mori homes are carefully designed to give you a peace of mind.

Our products are practical and timeless, creating better value over time.

Build A Better

The Way of Mori is a sustainable way of life.

Building your future with GreenRE homes, quality assured by QLassic (CIDB).


Mori Residences is a certified GreenRE building. GreenRE is the leading green building certification tool in Malaysia. GreenRE rated buildings use less energy and water, fewer resources, create less waste and utilize recycled materials.

The QLassic by CIDB Malaysia (Quality Assessment System) benchmarking is crucial to ensure high quality of construction and workmanship in our developments. By implementing QLassic standards to all Mori Residences products, we are committed to deliver quality homes with lasting value to the community.

Choosing Mori Residences means opting for a home that prioritizes quality, safety, and sustainability, ensuring peace of mind and an enriching living experience.

Quality & Sustain


Scientex Bhd, which started out as a manufacturer of PVC leather cloth and sheeting more than 50 years ago, has made a name for itself in industrial packaging products and the manufacturing and distribution of automotive components. It is now one of the world’s largest producers of industrial stretch film. Incorporated in 1968, Scientex has been listed on Bursa Malaysia since 1990. It currently has 19 manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and the US.

In 1995, Scientex Bhd ventured into property development in Pasir Gudang, Johor. Its aim is to provide affordable homes, as it recognizes that affordable home ownership remains a challenge to lower- and middle-income earners owing to escalating prices and the scarcity of reasonably priced land for development.

In 2018, it set a target of delivering a total of 50,000 affordable homes priced below RM500,000 by 2028. So far, it has delivered almost 22,000 of these homes.